You might be hitting the gym hard and eating right this year, but how much time are you taking for your mental and emotional health? Simply taking a few minutes during your day to breathe can make a significant difference in diminishing stress and boosting your energy levels, keeping you ready for the work you’re putting your body through. (Side note: This is how you should be breathing.) Take breathing one step further with a wellness walk with fitness pro Ellen Barrett, and learn how walking can keep you just as healthy as running. Schedule 10 minutes in the middle of your day to move,Read More →

Fitness modeling is a fun job, but it’s also a really hard one. So, you want to be a fitness model? Apparently, you’re not alone. According to Google’s recently released data on what the world is searching for on the Internet, there’s a lot of interest in becoming a fitness model. You know, as in those people who make deadlifting their body weight and doing pull-ups look absolutely effortless. From the outside, it doesn’t really seem like that hard a job, especially if you’re already really into fitness. But we decided to talk to some real fitness models to find out what it’s like toRead More →

If you looooove the feeling of almost dying during your workout and silently cheer when burpees are on the menu, you’re officially not a psychopath. (You know what might make you one? Staying friends with your ex.) Turns out, you’re more likely to enjoy and stick with a workout routine if it’s kick-you-in-the-butt tough instead of a “meh” intensity. If you’re starting a new exercise program, you’re more likely to continue to enjoy it if it’s high rather than moderate intensity, according to new research done by kinesiologists at McMaster University in Canada. (And that’s just one of the proven reasons you should make yourRead More →

Many people love the high energy of Zumba. Others crave the intensity of a Spinning class in a dark room with the music blaring. But for some, well, they don’t enjoy any of it—Dance cardio? Nah. Spinning on a bike for an hour? No way. HIIT in a room full of ripped bodies? Ha! If you’re one of those people, you’re not alone. But what is it about group fitness classes that can make you feel uncomfortable, on edge, or maybe even bored? First, the obvious: “People who are extroverts tend to prefer exercising in group environments,” says Heather Hausenblas, Ph.D., professor of kinesiology atRead More →